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E  P  H practicum

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Synergize! The E P H Blog

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Life is not a Timed Event

February, 2021

I have to admit, with the excitement of relaunching EPHpracticum is as scary as it is invigorating. One question I've been asked over the years, by both coaching clients as well as friend and family is "How do you do something when you don't know that it will succeed?"

Here's what I've learned in the last 10 years: It will succeed if you hang in there. This involves a lot of letting go: Letting go of expectations, letting go of timelines, and letting go of the idea that goals are the only real measure of success.

Wait whaaat?? But isn't that the point of goals in the first place?  AH but there's a Divine paradox in there!! More and more, I see that the timelines I impose are part of the problem. If I had given up when I didn't meet the timeline, I wouldn't be 55 pounds down from my top weight. I would have said, "Wellp, time's up!" and bounced right back up there.

Try It

I invite you to look at the goals you've set and failed at.  Reevaluate them. Did you discard a goal when the timeframe wasn't met, but the goal was in progress? What are you willing to pick back up and just stick to it until it's done? 

I hear ya: "But I don't have that kind of time!" I don't have 3 years to lose 20 pounds, .. or 6 months to run a 5k... or whatever. But the truth is this: The only real thing you can count on is time. What... you got something better to do??  ;)


January, 2021

The theme for 2021 so far seems to be "reawakening". America, especially, is awakening to how disease absolutely saps prosperity, and I'm reawakening EPH as the natural world is crying out to the pain of abject poverty, conflict and disease.  I am once again hearing the call to help heal the planet, one person at a time.

Try It

I invite you to suit up and show for yourself and your own radical self-care. Do some journaling to connect to your Higher Self, your Inner Child, your Guardian Angels and get guidance on changes you'd like to start making that will further your happiness, health, peace and prosperity. Commit to taking some baby steps: Eliminate one man-made unhealthy thing from your diet and substitute it with a bit of exercise, maybe add a walk 10 extra minutes each day. It's important to refrain from a massive overhaul that will overwhelm you quickly and create a set back. Yes- embracing the magic of thinking big, but honor the baby steps, for that's where the power lies.

            The following are from the Synergize! archives.

Transformational Perspectives: Good Mood, Bad Mood

March 18, 2008

One trap Western society has set up for itself is this idea of "positive"

and "negative" emotions. Emotions are just emotions. They are a communication from the Soul to yourself. They are a Spiritual Note to Self. To decide you MUST feel the "positive" emotions, and NEVER feel the "negative" emotions is to set yourself up for failure. You WILL feel ALL emotions as you go through life, even if you are on a Path of Mastery, or working with Lynn Grabhorn's material, etc.. It's what we do down here on Earth. So the question is not whether you will feel "negative" emotions, but rather, how are you going to handle it when you do feel "negative" ones? It helps to note that calling them "positive" and "negative" does them a disservice, because it means you're judging them. This set is bad, and this set is good. No! They just ARE.

In fact, they are a very important ARE. Stifling, fighting, and editing them results in amputating the part of your Soul which is communicating to you. If you succeed in such amputations, you are setting yourself up for emotional and mental illness. These communications are Divine Father's way of calling you to protect and care for yourself. If you succeed in amputating part of your Soul, you are disabling your ability to protect and nurture yourself.

Try It

Let's take a quick look at what some emotions and the messages they have for us.

  • Anger. Note to Self: A violation has occurred on some level. A
  • boundary needs to be enforced. Healing is needed in this area.
  • Sadness. Note to Self: Compassion and empathy for a situation I don't like. Healing is needed in this area.
  • Disappointment. "I didn't get something I wanted." A deeper level of disappointment is feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Fear. "I'm losing my own sense of empowerment and well-bring over something." Healing is needed in this area.
  • Pain. Healing is needed.
  • Anxiety. "I'm up to something I'm really not OK with."
  • Grief. "I've lost something that was important to me."
  • Depression. "I am shutting down." Depression is a lot more complicated, and can't be fully addressed here. But briefly, it helps to keep in mind, though, that there are three major Spiritual components to depression: one is an addiction to judgment and perfectionism. This is an illness because there's really no such thing as perfect, just varying degrees effort, and varying degrees of letting go of the results of your efforts. A second major Spiritual component in depression is there is unresolved grief festering somewhere in the psyche, and in my work with Energy Pattern Healing, I have found that the core grief can even be from a different lifetime. But unlike psychotherapy and psychiatry, in my line of work, this can be healed. A third major Spiritual component to depression results from the amputation of the Soul via editing "negative'" feelings.

The Power of Our Earthwalk: Right Action

August 18, 2007

Male energy is the energy of Doingness. People, especially in the male dominated world, are always asking, "What should I do?" Beingness, Goddess energy balances that out. Together, they call forth the question of Right Action - sacred Doingness. This imbues Doingness with the joy of loving. It's a waking meditation (rather like a waking dream).

But what to do? Right Action means doing things that support your goals. I want to run a business, so I decided getting an MBA could be prudent. I want to raise my son to be a happy, well adjusted person, so I'm learning (continuously!) about promoting emotional well-being in others. I want to publish a book, so I'll do some research on the target market. Any one of these things has a whole long list of things to do to achieve the goals. As I pick things on your list to attend, stay grounded and centered, and invite God/dess/etc in to assist me in

making good decisions.

Try It

Look at your goals in life. Pick one and make a list of things to do that

support reaching it. As you pick the thing to do first, don't worry about the other items on the list. There is no such thing as doing it "wrong" or picking the wrong item. There's no point in nitpicking Right Action, as it is driven forward by the Sacred Masculine. There is no judgment in Right Action, and one way to learn is through making mistakes. Meditate on who can help you channel your efforts into success.

Light Thoughts: Connect the Dots

June 18, 2004

In the range of people's beliefs about God/dess/etc, there are extremes. On the one end, God is All - everything is One - and the physical is all illusions. Yet God is Love. All is Love. This is how I was raised. This point of view leaves us, especially for children, with the message that we don't matter, that all is nothingness, and the natural conclusion is that God and Love are nothingness. It was a pretty frightening way for me to live growing up, because I felt no support or structure of the world around me.

On the other extreme, we have the fundamentalist point of view that every little thing is critical, and God will damn you if you don't do it right. God becomes a manic-depressive bully, swinging from extreme exhilaration and rapture to wrath and vindictiveness. I can imagine that too would be a frightening way to live.

When we connect the dots between these two extremes, we come up with a God is loving, connected, and responsive. We also find the Feminine Divine. The natural conclusion here is that the world around us is a "Field of Infinite Possibilities" (to borrow from Deepak Chopra). When we move away from both extremes, we move out of fear, and we find that our actions are important, but that we won't be crucified for making mistakes.

Try It

What were the assumptions you were raised with about God/dess/etc? Was the assumption that all is good, that you would be OK? Or was it the other extreme? How have you, or could you, if you haven't, bridge any extremes that still hold you in a place of fear? What would it take to move you into Love?

Unconditional Love Poem

February 14, 2004

We sit beside the fire

softly speak

sometimes laugh,

Sometimes nostalgic, sometimes not.

I've learned I can say

"I love you", and mean it, and

it means nothing more.

Nothing is required in return.

No expectation, no demands

No roses nor rings.

Also I can now say "I love you"

and it never means anything less.

It doesn't mean I want you;

it doesn't mean sex.

"I love you." means

I am content.

No changes, no mess.

Hitting the Emotional Motherload

March 15, 2020

I have seen in my Energy Healing Practice is the tendency for people to try to do everything through spiritual healing only. I too am guilty of such shortsightedness. I fell into this tendency last year in my battle of the bulge. I kept believing that if I just found the right Energy patterns to fix, my excess weight would fall away. I became over-focused on the healing end, and let the exercise end of things slide. Needless to say, I didn't lose weight that year. In fact, I kinda gain some back. The good news is though that, now that I've sorted it out, exercise is a lot more effective than it had been prior to the healing, so it wasn't a waste (healing is never a waste, unless it goes to your waist...).

The same is true with the emotional realms. I have a good friend who is avoiding getting any real help with her depression, and the addictive style of relationships she learned from her family. She is still absolutely convinced that all she has to do is energy healing, and her love life will become perfect. I have deep compassion for her because I have been there - I understand how scary it is to be at the beginning of letting those skeletons out of the closet. I also understand that you won't - none of us - can actually seek the help we need until we're good and ready to be done with it.

Try It

Think of an area you still have a lot of sadness, anger or hurt over, whether it was abuse or work-related, or an unresolved issue with a friend. Are you willing to talk to someone else about it? Are you willing to go to a few 12 Step meetings like Al Anon and just listen to how others have dealt with their issues? What level is your willingness? Can you be willing to move out of the pain? I'm not talking about DOING it, just simply being willing. How does simply being willing bring healing energy to the issue?

Transformational Perspectives: Fire in the Hole!

March 15, 2020

Some religions teach that desire causes suffering, because it creates unhappiness with where you are in the Here and Now. As usual, something a little less extreme is more accurate and definitely more useful for us to consider. Emotions are the language of the Soul. When we feel something, it is a communication. Anxiety alerts us to the fact that something we are engaging in is harmful to us. Anger alerts us to boundary violations. Desire is also a communication on a Soul level.

In my practices with Energy Pattern Healing, I have found that the fire of desire is very important because it is the impetus that moves us <i>forward</i> in our lives. Following our desires leads us to make choices that result in our own happiness. I'm not talking about neglecting people and responsibilities to get your own way. The trick is to find a way to reach that which you desire while respecting the people who count on you. The two are compatible.

Try It

Were you raised with the idea that selflessness or servitude is Holy and Divine? What desires have you let go of in order to remain "socially acceptable"? Often, our hearts desire leads to being of service in new ways. Write down the ways in which you could better be of Service if you obtained your desire. It helps to understand that when we are happy and joyful in whatever it is we are doing, we are anchoring Light to the World and creating a better place for everyone. How is the world deprived of a service if you don't act on your desire?

The Power of Our Earthwalk: Third-Dimensional Trinity

March 15, 2020

Many traditions teach that living a proper Spiritual lifestyle means put the Spiritual aspects of everything first and foremost. They teach that the Spiritual is more important than the physical. I have found that this is not accurate. For one thing, it's not balanced. In Third Dimensional reality, the physical and Spiritual are equally important. There is a third component, as well that is often overlooked, by both mainstream as well as spiritually-based people: the emotions.

Here on Earth, we are the Trinity in physical form. To make one leg of the trinity more important than the others leads to dissatisfaction and imbalance. So yes - spiritual practices and healing are important, but if you don't exercise, eat vegetables and get enough sleep, your body cannot heal. And if in the process of healing, you don't look at and heal the emotional components involved in disease, again, full healing cannot occur. Spiritual power only comes through the actions of the physical being, and beingness is dictated by the emotions.

When my son gets sick, the first thing I do is give him vitamin C and Echinacea tea to help boost his immune system. Then I do a round of Energy Pattern Healing to find and heal the underlying spiritual causes. The Vitamin C and Echinacea give the EPH something to activate. Invariably, the results are that his fever rarely goes above 101 and is usually normal within 10 hours, and by the next morning, he is restored to full health, complete with high energy levels, a voracious appetite and desire to go to school.

Try It

What physical actions do you take that give your spiritual life form and function? When you are trying to heal something, even if it's just the flu, what spiritual practices do you use to accelerate the healing process?

Light Thoughts: Collaboration with the Divine

December 18, 2006

Unconditional love is collaboration with the Divine. Since God/dess/etc is Love, we channel Him/Her/It/Them when we are being loving. Our loving actions manifest God/dess/etc. Because we have full freedom of Choice, we can also be non-loving, pissy and grumbley if we want to. While this is still Divine Play, we cease to be a channel for God/dess/etc.

Try It

Instead of looking for the good in every situation, look for the good in yourself. How might you need to change your thoughts about yourself in order to do this regularly? Are you willing to be unconditionally loving with yourself? Are you willing to collaborate with God/dess/etc? How would your life change if you did, even in the little things like cooking a meal, or cleaning your bathroom?

Meditation Moment: Your Energy, Your Peace of Mind

June 18, 2006

Collaboration does not happen without unconditional love being present. There's a poem about "Love is not angry, love is not jealous..." what it is defining is unconditional love. Unconditional love requires healthy boundaries, because in the areas we allow ourselves to be non-loving with ourselves and others, we experience everything except unconditional love.

Try It

In the when I have felt angry, hurt, betrayed, etc, I used to observe how wrong, bad, stupid, etc, the other person was. Now when I experience these things, I look at myself and try to see where I can improve my own attitude, and adjust my perceptions so that I can remain peaceful and centered. This I find feels a lot better than holding all these harsh judgments against the other person. This means I keep my own energy to myself, for my own needs. When you get angry next, look for way to call your energy back to yourself, to regain your peace and poise, instead of continuing to be angry. While yes, that person may have been foolish or whatever, your energy is for your use, for it maintains your health and peacefulness.

Accepting Divine Unconditional Love

February 15, 2006

I had a really interesting experience the other day. When I was out of town, I met several new people, just in passing. At a blues concert, one man was selling the band's CDs. The next day, in a store with neat-o stuff from India, another man helped me with my questions. With the third one, we had a chat in a coffee shop as we were standing in line. While all of these experiences were ordinary, they were not at all mundane. These men all had something in common that I've never seen before (and this is a reflection on me, I'm sure, rather than on men in general). They all had warm smiles, shining eyes and were present. They had a certain engaged aliveness that was new to me.

In the past, when I'd experienced this with men, it was always due to a romantic interest. I'd always taken these things to mean the man wanted something from me, and I was not safe from expectations and judgment. As I was around these three new men, I became profoundly uncomfortable quickly. I realized that all these men were doing was simply being a simple extension of Unconditional Love that the Divine has for me personally (for us all, really). As I noticed this, I asked for Divine healing and to be assisted in becoming in alignment with this neutral but kind love energy. I felt immediately much more comfortable. I also felt sad later because I was so unaccustomed to accepting the Divine Unconditional Love from people around me in small every day ways. I also feel grateful now to understand the difference at the heart level between Divine nonpersonal love and romantic love between me and someone else specifically.

Try It

Next time you are out shopping, ask for your heart to be open to feel the love flowing around us all the time. Observe how you react to this love. Did you feel fear? Did you pull back and want to withdraw? Did you not feel anything at all? What does experience this tell you anything about a need you may have for healing around relationships?

Transformational Perspective: Feeeel "God is Love"

September 18, 2005

It's very easy to understand intellectually that God is Love. The new age movement brought that into crystal clarity back in the '60s. The Enlightment movement brought that into focus in the 1800s, as did Mohandas Gandhi. This teaching reaches past Christ 2000-some-odd years ago, and back even further into the mists of time. But how many of us really feel it every day? God, for most of us, is a pretty scary concept, even a kind loving compassionate One. While fear of God is easy to trace through spiritual abuse through the church/synagogue/etc, abuse and neglect from our families, LOVE of God is harder to pinpoint.

I really began to feel Divine love when I looked at how I thought God/dess/etc was controlling things. "God's Will, not mine." is a common platitude. While it brings comfort in helping me recognize that I am responsible only for my feelings and actions (which allows me to stay out of other people's business), there's a flip side to that of "Well, crap. Nothing I do matters, because it's all up to God anyway." I see now how this doesn't really work, either, because it leaves me, my desires, my care of myself, my prosperity - in short ME - out of the picture. This was a very painful and non-loving place to be because it rendered my life meaningless.

Try It

When I feel deeply in my heart that "God/dess/etc IS Love" I realize that I DO matter. If *I* don't matter, then God/dess/etc is not loving. Nothing can not matter in the presence of love. Loving means even the tiniest thing has value. When we feel love in our hearts, we smile at even the tiniest flower peeping through the grass. And nothing is more important than loving actions, because these are what will change the human condition to something more positive.

The Power of Our Earthwalk -- Balance: Collaborating with Yourself

May 18, 2004

Many times in my life I have been so frustrated or depressed, indeed felt so totally powerless over something, that I have just wanted to scream at Father Sky, "OK, I'm done here! I can't do this anymore! I want to go home!" But alas - I had left my ruby slippers back in Heaven and clicking my heels together just wasn't an effective means of transportation. I had to go on. I had no choice but to witness the dawning of a new day. The beauty of it was that it didn't matter if I didn't have the strength - the sun would rise anyway. And actually, it was a relief to know I didn't have to do anything special for it. In fact, I slept right through it! This is one major blessing about being here on Earth. When we rest and rejuvenate after trying so hard, we are rewarded. With a little awareness, I learned I didn't have to try so hard. What counts is that I make an effort.

Try It

List three ways you find balance between resting and effort. Maybe you can enlist a family member of friend to help with a project or even a house chore. For example, my son is only 7, and he helps me with the sweeping. While he is too little to wield a full sized broom, he's might handy with a brush and dust pan. So I sweep the dust and bits of paper, etc., into a pile and he sweeps the pile into the dust pan and throws it out.

Glowing Angel-Tude

December 8,2003

The softness and radiance of Christmas dawns upon us now, rising like the sun. The gentlest first rays are just now piquing our awareness to its presence (and its presents!). We're beginning to hear the carols and smell the pine and cinnamon,

even though it's weeks away. Although Angels are always among us, now is the time of year we feel them closest. Now is the time of year we seem to be inspired by them the most. As Winter Solstice draws near, let us remember that the Light

half of the year quickly approaches.

The coming of the Light is a milestone for humankind. Since it is annual, we get to renew our connection to the Light, and reclaim our birthright of forgiveness. Let us herald it by showing our Angel-tude! As we consciously embody the attitude of

the Angels, we focus on Divine Light, and thus facilitate the true and permanent coming of Peace on Earth. To magnificently amplify authentic Angel-tude, we must be fully present, and take it one moment at a time. Here are some ideas to help

make manifest the Human-Angel connection.

Just for Today, I will adjust my attitude to bring Peace to people around me. I am not responsible for their peace, but I will hold Sacred Space for Peace to be present.

Just for Today, I will be happy. This assumes nothing, but exhibits my willingness to be joyful and grateful.

Just for Today, I will strengthen my mind. When I get crabby, I will honor myself and the others around me by removing myself and taking a break. I will then step back into the Grace of Angel-tude and continue to hold the Sacred Space for Peace.

Just for Today, I will exercise my soul in three ways. I will help out without being asked to; I will donate something to charity, even if it is only one can of food, and I will enjoy myself thoroughly.

And Just for Today, I will be unafraid. I am in the company of Angels, and know that as I give to the World, so the Angels give back to me. I will enjoy what is beautiful and in doing so, the beauty in the world will be amplified.

The very essence of Angel-tude is deliberately living compassionately, peacefully, joyfully, helpfully and with gratitude. As we refrain from the habits of judging ourselves and others, we bring gentleness into the world. As we relinquish the right to resentment, we bring joy into the world. As we allow ourselves to be fully present in the Light, we allow miracles to happen. This is the path of the Light Bearer. This is the path of empowered compassion. Just for Today, bask in the glow of Angel-tude!