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E  P  H practicum

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E P  H  Offerings

~ Testimonials ~

"Three years ago I felt as if events in my life were in an unfortunate and unhappy recurring pattern. I suffered several disappointments in my relationships through circumstances that didn't seem to be of my own making and when Caitlyn helped me look back over my life she was able to show me the same pattern in operation for as long as I can recall. With sensitivity she explained that on some level this pattern was my own responsibility and gave me a way to change things. I have never been much of a believer in things that can't be explained rationally or scientifically, but Caitlyn made my experience real and rational and at the same time helped me to connect with the patterns in my life that were working for me and those that weren't. We still disagree over whether energy is the right word, but she's fine with that. She is somebody with a gift and with the ability to understand and help."

Andrew L. Christchurch,
    New Zealand

15 Sept. 2008

Dear Caitlyn,

Over the past year I have found your clearings useful not to mention interesting and insightful. At first I viewed your approach with a healthy skepticism and but feeling open to this new approach, I wanted to give it a real chance. Recently the clearings have been deeply helpful especially noticeable in addressing the lifelong problem of insomnia. I am grateful for this!

C.C., Tucson, AZ

April, 2004




Deep Dive readings on stubborn Energy Patterns give direction on what to do!

Get information from:

  • Past lives
  • Guardian angels and Spirit Guides
  • Ancestors
Get answers to your burning questions!

EPH Reading

Energy Pattern Healing



Rebuild and strengthen your Soul Template Patterns of Health and Abundance

  • Re-alignment of your Spirit Guides and Councils
  • Chakra system renovation for Vibrant Living
  • Guidance and healing for Relationships

This is more than most healers.

Most healers only remove primary negative influences -

leaving you vulnerable to the more deeply hidden ones. You are also given suggestions on what you can do now to manifest your EPH Healing in 3D!

Energy Pattern Healing

Expansive Prosperity and Health Coaching

9 Weeks that will change your life!

~ Transmute Struggle into Abundance ~

Email me for information [email protected]

Implement your Unconditional Divine Birthrights through
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Rewarding Connection
  • Mental/Emotional habits
  • Spiritual Practices​
  • Financial habits

This 9 week course has 3 phases
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching
  • Weekly Group sessions to connect you with the EPH community. Make like-minded friends!
Generate joy and vibrant health along with the wealth needed to life well.

Dear Ms. Johnston and readers,

I wanted to take an opportunity to express my feelings about our interactions to date.

As a health care professional of 30 years experience and a very general Christian background I approached Ms. Johnston with caution, even skepticism. Feeling a great need for solace for wounds and spiritual healing, not satisfied by other avenues, I was encouraged by the material on the website and our conversations. Now after completing several sessions it is good to have the opportunity to describe the experience and benefit of the healing process.

First, I find Ms. Johnston to have the heart of a teacher and the spirit of a healer. She goes to the utmost length to assist you, assess your problems and facilitate a recovery. The process is based in a wealth of knowledge and experience. Each session included teaching and healing components. Recommendations included such things as diet, meditation, reading and behavior changes.

Living a great distance away from her one might doubt this possible. Yet in her assessment of my spiritual health and intermediation there were surprising details without any verbal prompts from me or information from other sources. As the healing proceeded I soon felt increases in energy, physical and emotional well being and improved rest.

One thing that was stressed is the time needed for the overall process to occur.

 There is greater depth to this than one can initially comprehend. So the process is on going now for me, but it has begun. And there is hope. So I recommend it to you. Shed your burdens and walk a new path.


Robert P., Jacksonville, Fl.

August 2005




The more, the merrier! Let's explore key EPH truths for us to live happy, joyous and free!

Join me for 3 hours of fun!

  • Spring Equinox:
    Unconditional Love
  • Summer Solstice:
    Unconditional Abundance
  • Autumn Equinox:
    Unconditional  Forgiveness
  • Winter Solstice:
    The Field of Infinite Positive Possibilities

EPH Workshop

Energy Pattern Healing

EPH Oils


Perfect for enhancing your meditations, self-care,  and rituals! Click here to see the booklet on oils.

These unique oils are a blend of proprietary ingredients and given special EPH blessings.

~ Expansive Vibes Oil ~

In ritual, this corresponds to the element of Air.

EPH Expansive Oil

~ Expansive Prosperity Oil ~

In ritual, this oil corresponds to Earth.

EPH Prosperity Oil

 ~ Expansive Protection Oil ~

In ritual, this oil corresponds to Water.

EPH Protection Oil

~ Expansive Health Oil ~

In ritual, this oil corresponds to Fire.

EPH Health Oil

1000 Miles in My Slippers:
Healing the Incurable

and all 4 bottle of oil! 

EPH Book + Oils


This became the basis for
EPH Coaching program.

This is the story of how I healed a herniated disc in four months. I had been doing EPH for 5 years, and realized I have a system in place to heal anything! If I can do it, you can do it, too, because there's really nothing special to it!

EPH Book + Oils

Get just the book, 1000 Miles in My Slippers: Healing the Incurable. Includes journaling pages - an incredible way to start your EPH journey! Every step counts!


EPH Book

We at EPH Practicum believe strongly in paying it forward! 

Here are some great freebies to get you started on your path to Expansion, Prosperity and Health! Enjoy!

Dear Caitlyn—

I wanted to thank you for the clearing that you’ve been doing. Your work, combined with exercise, diet and plenty of prayer, has helped me make significant improvement in the past three months.

The past two years of severe illness had left me physically weak and spiritually depressed, and [having kidney] dialysis three times a week was preventing me from recovering — I was barely treading water and some days I could do little more than sit. I had very few “good” days.

Today, I am much stronger. I am able to walk with my dog, Sam, four times a week for an hour; I do yoga for an hour five times a week; I am much more active and social, visiting friends, volunteering, just enjoying being IN MY BODY again. I have not had a depressive episode in months. My lab tests show that I am in excellent control of my blood sugars; besides the kidney failure I am healthy and have been able to discontinue my blood pressure medication (it hovers around 108-112); my dialysis lab reports are the best in the unit.

Please continue your work. I am confident that, when they are ready to transplant me, I will be in excellent shape to receive my new kidney!

Thank you again and be well,

Kendall W., Los Angeles, CA

June 10, 2003

“In the year that I’ve been working with Caitlyn, I have experienced profound results. Stubborn, self-defeating patterns of behavior have been cleared. Depression has lifted. Difficult relationships have eased and are now a source of delight. I found the courage to leave a draining job and start my own business – the fulfillment of a life-long dream. Caitlyn has a unique ability to quickly and intuitively pinpoint energetic imbalances and clear them. She is compassionate, accepting and supportive.”

Patricia H., MA,
 Life Purpose Coach

Tucson, AZ

February 2004

Quarterly Healing



The more, the merrier! Invite your friends1

This is a half-hour group Energy Pattern Healing session free on Zoom held on the solstices and equinoxes. Reserve a spot, and we'll hold one for a friend, too!

Expansive Prosperity and Health

Screen Saver


Download this fun collection of images and use it to create a high-vibe screen saver on your computer.


EPH Vitality Tidbits


EPH Vitality Tidbits is a booklet of affirmations to use in your daily practices to help you shift into new paradigms of Abundance.

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