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E  P  H practicum

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The E  P  H Story

My name is Caitlyn Johnston, and I'm a native of Arizona, USA. Since I am not Sylvia Browne or Caroline Myss, I have to tell you a little about myself so that: (a) you can be confident I'm not some crack-pot new-ager making this stuff up, and

(b) so you can understand how I came to do EPH Practicum.

Click here to listen to my interview on Read My Lips Tips for Success Radio Show (1 hour)

  • 1980: Began studying metaphysics, Tarot and shamanism.
  • 1993: Bachelor's Degree from the University of Arizona
  • 1998: Received training as a Johrei healer  (the Father of Reiki).
  • 2002 – 2005: Studied Spiritual Response Therapy healing with Keralee Miedaner.
  • 2003 – 2004: Studied the Law of Attraction with Life Coach Patricia Henschen, MA.
  • 2003: Started EPH Practicum.
  • 2004: Master's Degree in Business Administration
  • 2019: Got a Reiki attunement
  • 2021: Currently learning the hands-on healing technique, Jin Shin Jyutsu with world-reknown healer Sara Jane Harper.

Despite all these wonderful resources, I was miserable.

  • I was depressed and had an anxiety disorder
  • I was morbidly obese with an eating disorder
  • I lived in abject poverty. I earned less than $10,000 USD per year.
  • I herneated a disc in my lower back
  • I had severe endometriosis, an internal bleeding disorder!

Here's how I healed my life:

By working on four key levels: Mental/emotional, physical, financial, and spiritual,

I was able to overcome ALL these issues, any one of which is devastating in and of itself. In doing so, I have developed a tool kit, which I now offer to you.

EPHpracticum is a fun, gentle process that yields great results or at least, so my clients tell me! Holistic healing sessions provide deep compassion, understanding, guidance and valuable information to help propel you through and over obstacles the prevent you from becoming who you are truly meant to be on this planet.

This is a unique healing approach that you won't find anywhere else.

  • My income has increased 9.5 times since 2006!!!
  • I am off ALL medications! I went from an Asperger's diagnosis, with anxiety and depression and now, am normal!
  • I am now maintaining a 55 pound weight loss!! And my physical fitness is nearing where I was 20 years ago!
  • I have completely healed Endometriosis, which according to the AMA is "incurable". I haver also completely healed my lower back! Now, it only hurts after I lift a truck.
  • Several times stopped and reversed anaphylactic allergic shock due to food allergies!
  • I have traveled to Europe twice (2018 and 2019) AND DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!!

Please contact me if you have questions, or would like to host an EPH workshop. I'm also available for speaking engagements.

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~ Ethics, Standards of Practice and Disclaimers ~

While EPH claims, experiences and results are not clinically tested, and results will vary for individuals, we can attest that implementing EPH principles, practices and suggestions will result in progress on different levels for clients. While we maintain that full and complete healing for any ailment is possible, there's no way to predict the timeline, or exactly what combinations of remedies and therapies are needed for any individual. EPH Practicum is not intended to be a substitute for board-certified medical professionals and/or prescribed medicine. 

EPH holistic practitioners ascribe to these specific values and work within the following governing principles:

  • Unconditional Love: EPH holistic practitioners offer care from an infinite field of love and compassion.
  • Do No Harm: EPH holistic practitioners do no harm, and serve humanity with the objective of cultivating goodness and wholeness. Holistic healers have the obligation to determine the efficacy and safety of all healing actions.
  • Optimal Health: EPH holistic practitioners see the client as a whole person — body, mind and spirit — seeking to realize the highest possible level of functioning and balance of the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects present within each individual.
  • Walk the Talk: EPH holistic practitioners practice and engage in healthy and spiritual practices that support mind-body-spirit wholeness on a daily basis. Certified practitioners assume the privilege and the responsibility to identify and integrate self-care strategies to enhance their own well being, assisting, encouraging and inspiring others to do the same. Holistic healers recognize that self-care practices support and significantly enhance healing capacities for every client.
  • Innate Healing Power: EPH holistic practitioners believe in the innate healing power of the human being, and honor this gift from the universe by evoking and helping patients utilize these powers to affect the healing process.
  • Confidentiality: EPH holistic therapists and health practitioners uphold the confidentiality of each client and treat as confidential all information learned in the performance of their professional duties, while observing relevant requirements regarding disclosure (abuse and/or imminent danger to self and others).
  • Professionalism: EPH holistic practitioners treat all parties with respect and maintain cooperative and empowered relationships with other fellow colleagues and professionals. EPH holistic healers strive to provide care in a culturally appropriate manner, developing awareness for the cultures of the clients they serve, to facilitate communication across cultural differences. Additionally, holistic practitioners are sensitive to the boundary needs of individual clients. The holistic healer does not make medical diagnoses nor prescribe medications without appropriate training and licensure; neither do they suggest that the client change prescribed treatment or interfere with the treatment of a licensed health care provider.
  • Competence: EPH holistic practitioners carry personal responsibility for practice and for maintaining continued competence. EPH holistic healers offer and provide services commensurate with their training, perform only those services for which they are qualified, and recommit themselves to pursuing continuing professional education and training to maintain and enhance their competence.
  • Wisdom: EPH holistic practitioners pursue wisdom and act accordingly. Holistic healers cultivate awareness and understanding concerning individual consciousness and one’s relationship to Universal Consciousness. Holistic healers recognize that illness, pain, and the dying process offer learning and growth opportunities for both the client and the holistic healer.