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E  P  H practicum

To get our free quiz and booklets, join the Facebook group Healing Law of Attraction Energy Patterns

Reset your Vibration Foundation for 

Expansive Prosperity and Health.

Mission Statement: EPHpracticum facilitates personal and planetary transformation.

Vision Statement: EPHpracticum strives to heal the planet, one person at a time by providing community, products and services that support individual healing paths. 

EPH Practicum offers a variety of modalities to align your full Being with your intentions for your life.

To check out our free quiz, join the Facebook group Healing Law of Attraction Energy Patterns

Who is helped by E  P  H practicum?

EPHpracticum is ideal for people who have a strong desire to overcome illnesses and ailments, regardless of the diagnosis or prognosis. The healing starts with the understanding that you are not the dis-ease, and that you can achieve greater health, prosperity and choices, regardless of what anyone else says. Whether or not you wish to get off medications, you can improve your life!

  • Readings. I have been a professional psychic since 1990 and provide readings that give great insight as to what to do to improve your situation.
  • Energy Pattern Healing. I started doing Energy Pattern Healing in 2003 to clear out the stuck patterns or templates of poverty, conflict and disease, and replace them with happiness, health, peace, and prosperity. This includes a bottle of blended essential oils, shamanically formulated and customized just for you! Oils are also available for purchase individually on the Offerings page.
  • EPH Workshops. Workshops are held every 6 weeks - on the Solstices and Equinoxes and 6 weeks prior to each - and cover key issues that cloud happiness, health, peace and prosperity. They include a worksheet to guide your work. Every other workshop is free!
  • Expansive Prosperity and Health Coaching. Get coaching through the key phases of healing anything. Any specific diagnosis is not a barrier to making progress - let your doctors and heal practitioners do their thing while you work on the hidden areas that slow you down. Coaching is based on my experience of healing my own clinical anxiety & depression, a herniated disc and an internal bleeding disorder - any one of these is considered "incurable"! This is a 9 week program that includes the book/workbook 1000 Miles in My Slippers: Healing the Incurable, and a bottle of EPH Oil as listed on the Offerings page.

Another group ideally suited to this EPHpracticum holistic healing is those working with Law of Attraction material like The Secret, but are frustrated with the results. EPHpracticum works even if you don't study the Laws of Attraction. No knowledge of metaphysics or spiritual principles is required, not even a belief in "God".

Illnesses and poverty are complex problems that take multiple sessions to really make progress. Issues like depression, anxiety, and OCD are the spiritual equivalent of appendicitis. It takes some real doing to finish the healing, so a commitment of 3 months is the required minimum if you wish t​o see real, lasting results. Along with the nutritional, dietary and financial insights, you also get personalized spiritual guidance and Life Purpose direction. EPHpracticum provides a Spiritual Makeover that is deeply profound.

The people who experience the greatest changes​ from EPHpracticum have some common traits, but will it work for you? Go to the Offerings page to sign up for a free quiz, and see all the options! 

Ready to see some Options?